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John Bek from他需要食物is a shining example of how it IS possible to take stunning,high quality food photos with an entry level DSLR,A“做”set up at home and props picked up from the side of the road.学习他如何射击。我想你会大吃一惊的。

Go behind the scenes and learn how the talented John from He Needs Food takes his food photos.
照片来源:John Bek他需要食物

One of the ways we can improve our yabo足球彩票photography is by studying the photos of those we admire.如果他们正好和你住在同一个城市,那就更好了,如果你能和他们交朋友,那就更好了;如果你能邀请自己去看他们的射击,那就更好了。-)

"They"in my case is John Bek from他需要食物,a Sydney based food and travel blog with stunning imagery.I regularly ask John"has Gourmet Traveller magazine contacted you yet?"and he humbly brushes off my compliments.但问题是,我是认真的。我觉得他的照片有那么高的水准。

My style is quite different to his but that's irrelevant.重要的是原则,things that can be applied to any set up and style.很有趣的是,我们的设置实际上非常相似,尽管他的照片的阴影比我的多。

Watching John shoot and chatting to him about yabo足球彩票photography validates my philosophy about food photography – that youdo not need an expensive DSLR,you can take amazing photos by"“做”in your own homeand不用花很多钱买道具。他拍摄的方式正是我所教的,学起来也很有趣。The Food yabo足球彩票Photography Book.-)



John Bek | He Needs Food - profile
照片来源:John Bek他需要食物


John Bek | He Needs Food | Israeli CousCous Salad 2
照片来源:John Bek他需要食物-以色列蒸粗麦粉沙拉

Nikon D32001。He uses an Entry Level DSLR– John mostly shoots with aNikon D3200DSLR which is the cheapest in Nikons' DSLR range.他还拥有尼康D7000,但他说他实际上更喜欢用D3200拍摄,因为它重量轻,操作简单。

This really amazed me.From the quality of photos that he takes,I honestly thought he was using a full frame camera,或者至少是行首裁剪的DSLR格式。


2。He shoots in his bedroom–没有华丽的永久装置!John shoots in his bedroom,通常在他的床脚上。I spied a few other places in his house that I thought might have fantastic light too,but for his style of yabo足球彩票photography,this is where he likes to shoot.

What a fantastic example of making do with what you've got!!

PS Also notice how the surface of the tile he is shooting on is wet. He sprayed it with water to make the grey colour of the tile darker.这是一个很好的提示,可以改变你现有的射击场!!

John Bek | He Needs Food - shooting location

三。暗室,little light– I once put up a shooting set up photo on theFBC Facebook集团我的窗帘大多是拉着的,所以只有一丝一毫的光照在我的布景上,约翰说他的布景很相似。确实如此。他拍摄的房间里只有一个光源——通往天井的门。And he closes the curtains halfway or more to reduce the light.

John Bek | He Needs Food

光源是从北边来的,但是阳台被遮盖了。所以进入房间的光线一点也不强。That's quite similar to my situation.

Having a window with lots of strong,阳光普照是一个食品摄影的神话,人们走得太远了。yabo足球彩票不仅做你不需要it,,too much light is not a friend of food yabo足球彩票photography!这是我试图强调的改变游戏规则的关键技巧之一The Food yabo足球彩票Photography Book.感谢约翰验证了这一点!!


4。He doesn't diffuse– Nope,他没有散光。那是因为光源不是很强。我没有带我的秘密照明测试,但我保证如果我做到了,就像你在第48页看到的那样The Food yabo足球彩票Photography Book这是约翰拍摄的最引人注目的暗/光照片的完美照明。

5.他到处都是摄像头设置–在约翰这样相对黑暗的环境中拍摄意味着您必须能够轻松地更改相机设置。他用手动方式拍摄,接近他的相机设置。简易方法I teach inThe Food yabo足球彩票Photography Book(refer to the Camera Settings Cheat Sheet on page 32).

The shutter speed he needs to use to capture a properly exposed photo is very,非常低,因为他在黑暗环境中拍摄-有时低到1/10–,这会造成相机抖动造成图像模糊的风险。Which is why he has his tripod handy.尤其是头顶击球,shooting in a dark setting means a tripod is a must.

John Bek | He Needs Food 3

6.他的反射器是天才– See the round reflector he uses in the photo below?这是从他床上的灯照过来的基座!And not only is it genius from a storage perspective (helps that he's tall enough to reach up to get it without a stepladder),它是双重天才,因为它是由织物/宣纸类型的材料制成的,所以反射到食物上的光是much softerthan using white cardboard or the reflectors that come with the Lowell artificial light which is the one that I use (and is very common with food bloggers).

John Bek | He Needs Food | Reflectors

软土回填良好的原因是有时,白色硬纸板或洛厄尔的反光板有反射光线到食物上的倾向,使食物看起来像是聚光灯照在食物上。”假“如果是离食物太近and/or the light source is very strong (which means stronger light bounces back onto the food).

Here's an example – one of my photos.在这张自制的法式洋葱蘸酱照片中,the light is coming from around the 10 o'clock direction but the right front side of the dish is brighter than the left side (the light source side) which looks odd.就好像我的聚光灯从右边照到了碗上。

The reason this occurred is because I have the reflector (white shiny foam cardboard that came with my Lowell artificial lights) pushed right up close on the right side of the food.So the light bouncing back onto the bowl on the right side is even更强就在碗的左边。

But if I had used a softer reflector,就像约翰用的布料一样,我不会有这个问题的。-)


7。He doesn't spend money on shooting surfaces – and they are some of the best I've seen around

Photo credit: John Bek from他需要食物,,埃及烤鱼

Until a couple of weeks ago when I was unable to resist a plank of wood from Sydney's Harbour Bridge,我在射击场上的花费从来没有超过10美元。

And John is the same – we're both dumpster divers (not literally,but you know what I mean!)他收集的射击场地真是不可思议,它们都来自路边或垃圾场。

A key observation is that his collection is highly textured – think peeling paint,锈蚀金属,old fencing and other wood with grooves and scratches.这绝对是他惊人照片的关键元素。

In the photo above,你永远不会相信射击场是什么……他在垃圾场捡来的一块木板上有一种古老的感觉。它看起来像有纹理的石头吗?美极了!!

PS Also love that the balcony outside his bedroom is his prop storage area.说真的?谁还要卧室阳台?!!

照片来源:John Bek他需要食物

8。With Great Light,即使有了iPhone,你也可以拍到很棒的照片。

在约翰做了所有重要的工作之后,即choosing a shooting surface,造型,道具和照明,我伸出手,用iPhone拍了张照片。

如果这张照片不能完全证明这一点,那么它的光线很好(造型也很亚博国际彩票官网好!))无论你有什么样的相机,你都可以拍出令人惊叹的照片,I don't know what is.-)

Image credit: Nagi from RecipeTin Eats with an iPhone 5.(Te he he!!)

John Bek他需要食物-iPhone拍摄


John Bek | He Needs Food | Israeli CousCous Salad照片来源:John Bek他需要食物-以色列蒸粗麦粉沙拉


好!如果这还不能让你相信,你不需要花大把的钱在一个花哨的相机和拍摄表面上,来拍摄精彩的照片,I don't know what will!!-)

我知道,我知道,你想要更多……但就这样了(现在?)为了让你的眼睛更加赏心悦目,访问约翰的博客,,他需要食物,and find him onPinterestandInstagram.

If you enjoyed this post and seeing how John shoots,和你的朋友分享!!

绝妙的幕后摄影与超级yabo足球彩票天才约翰@heneedsfood!#fbc #foodyabo足球彩票photography…点击鸣叫


- Nagi X

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  1. says

    Thanks Nagi.Lots of great tips here.I thought it was funny that you said you invited yourself over!大声笑。I need to start collecting more scraps for shooting surfaces!!

  2. says

    你好,Nagi!我刚发现你的博客,我喜欢!我喜欢为我的美食博客拍照,但我觉得我没有任何好转,所以像这样的文章正是我需要的!I'm actually going to buy your food yabo足球彩票photography book right now!!
    Thanks for sharing great tips like this!!

  3. says

    I think I found John's blog thanks to you mentioning him in your e-book.约翰对我来说最有趣的是他的食谱。在他的博客上看到非常熟悉的菜谱,我很震惊……我猜我们有着同样的克罗地亚传统。:)

    • 纳吉 says

      That is SO AWESOME to hear Mira!His cooking is amazing.我很幸运能品尝到一些!!!!

  4. says

    他的摄影yabo足球彩票真是不可思议!总有一天我希望自己也能像以前一样好。我注意到他在食物后面并没有真正使用篮板。In the photos that you can see back there,看起来可能是他的梳妆台成为了背景?幸好他的梳妆台很漂亮,所以看起来很神奇!!

  5. says

    Thanks for this and especially the end piece.I am still saving up for a dslr camera and have to make due with the phone and old cameras in the house!我现在想去垃圾箱寻找宝藏!!

  6. says

    Brilliant!最近,议会收集了大量的垃圾,得到了一张有储藏室的旧桌子和一个商业烤盘。I am going to use those settings in Nagi's photo book and John's settings.So amazed with Iphone shot.

  7. says

    Great to hear that someone uses Nikon D3200 and lands up with such amazing clicks.Even I use the same with 35mm and 50mm.
    我最近在考虑升级,但这个人清楚地告诉我,照明比照相机更重要。I think I need to practice more and stop thinking about upgrade.
    Thanks for the post Nagi,Thank you John as well:)

  8. says

    真的,他真有天分!!I used to shoot in my bedroom too lol.My kids would always look at me weird as I carted all my props and food in there.Glad to know I'm not the only food blogger shooting with an entry level DSLR (Canon Rebel SL1):)

  9. says

    真的是Fab Post,Nagi … and definitely off to have a squizz at John's blog now.
    One question … I've been looking and looking and looking for some good ‘junk yard' type shooting surfaces,但我没有太多的运气来找到任何东西。我真的需要去一些真正的垃圾场吗?(如果这是钥匙,我很高兴!我找不到任何被垃圾箱等倾倒的东西!!-)

    • 纳吉 says

      字面上……是的!John lives on the city fringe in a trendy area where people are always renovating so that's why he manages to score loads from the side of the road.我有点运气,但我会说我一半左右的东西是从实际的小费。值得这么做。:)尝试谷歌搜索回收中心。:)

  10. says

    His food styling is so beautiful.I just love his style!Quick question: I started to shoot RAW as per your suggestion in your eBook,但当我将图像转换为jpeg或png时,它会降低质量。How do you save your photos after editing them in RAW because otherwise how do you upload them to WordPress for your blog posts??

  11. says

    天啊……真是难以置信。我喜欢你用iPhone点击来证明吹口哨的重要性。My eyes just popped out when I saw that shot.真是太神奇了。I'm lost for all the adjectives that I can add here.

  12. Donna S says

    纳吉非常感谢你花时间给我们看,that we really do not need a lot of props and STUFF to have fantastic photos.As always,simplicity is the key,似乎是这样。所有这些镜头都很精彩!!我有一个问题。Do you think it would be confusing for a blog to mix both the dark and sultry and the light and bright clean crisp look in separate posts?我在这两种风格之间太纠结了,似乎不知道我最喜欢哪一种。我想我们都有不同的情绪,所以为什么不在博客上发表时把它混在一起呢?It seems that most blogs shoot one way or the other,so I was just wondering.很想听听你的想法。谢谢你所做的一切。

    • 纳吉 says

      不,我不觉得这很混乱:)You do need to watch out not to jump TOO much between the two,but I think mixing it up adds interest.看看香料列车,Nic's blog.Look at how she mixes it up!!

  13. says

    美丽的照片(约翰和约翰的照片)…我对诸如鳄梨之类的幕后照片很感兴趣……我有太多的东西要学习,并且可以用简单的道具看到令人惊叹的照片,setting,而且工具帮助我意识到,我可以在不花费一桶美元的情况下改进——你知道,我有预算!感谢您的分享,尤其是您书中特定页面的参考资料。That's a valuable resource!!

  14. says

    这让我头昏眼花。我用的是一个旧桌面,我以为它限制了我的照片,但显然只有我一个人!!I need to have a good look at where is best in the apartment to set up now.太鼓舞人心了!Thanks guys.

  15. Kathryn says

    这里有这么多好的建议!Plus,不断尝试的鼓励,练习,尝试和改进!Thanks to both of you for sharing your skills!!

  16. says

    Thank you for sharing these interesting idea's!我在考虑如何从我的食物摄影中得到更多的东西!yabo足球彩票These ideas form a big help!!


  17. says

    Beautiful!I'm loving all these yabo足球彩票photography tips!约翰的风格和我想用我的照片做的相似!再次感谢分享纳吉和约翰!!!

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